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Welcome to see many clear pictures about "Spratly News Links"

China Invades Spratly Islands Links:

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Spratly Islands

News Articles

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Be sure to click on the graphics they will take you some of the best articles on the situation or larger graphics with more details.

Graphics from BBC, Rueters, Heritage Foundation, The Economist, Time, and tallhappy

Chinese Claims and Buildup in the South China Sea
Map of the South China Sea

   Reef Wars, Robin Moyer for Time
   Arial view of the structures.    

Chinese moves on Spratlys may constrict merchant shipping
Around a quarter of the world's total shipping trade passes through the area every year.

China makes move on Spratlys
Mischief Reef Structure on Dec. 10, 1998 (above)

Mischief Reef Structure on Jan. 21, 1999

Chinese Spratly Structures Include Helipad, Gun Posts
Mischief Reef  Close-up, 2-21-99 (above)
Structures on Mischief Reef completed
Rep. Dana Rohrabacher and
Philipine Congressman Roilo Golez
Weapons China Soon Will Acquire
China is in the process of
a rapid military buildup
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China's Current Military Superiority Over the Philippines
China's new blue water navy

Proximity of Chinese and Philippine Islands in the Spartly Group
A bunch of rocks

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